About Medicanna

Developing the purest hemp products from the planet’s most sustainable sources.

Medicanna draws on its founder’s knowledge and experience. Devoted to enhancing lifestyle choices, Medicanna is focussed on understanding how to best harness the power of this natural wonder plant.

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Medicanna strives to operate to the highest ethical standards.

All of our operations place biological impact at the forefront of our consideration. The raw materials we source are sustainable and our products are cruelty-free, free from heavy metals and toxins, and vegan friendly.

Being part of the Medicanna family allows you to share in a wealth of personal research and expertise, all of which is carefully channelled into striving for a complete understanding of cannabis-based products.

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Evolving hemp

At the heart of Medicanna is an appreciation for the plant itself, and we have scoured the world’s hemp farms to ensure that our raw materials live up to our strict standards. This allows us to champion superior plant-based products which elevate the way in which you ethically embrace the world.

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