Our Team

Three people with lives that have been greatly impacted by, and believe in the benefits of, CBD. Here are our stories…

Medicanna director Oliver Reiner.
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Founder | Director


With 25 years of personal experience working and trading in the cosmetics and skincare sector, and 127 years of combined experience with the other Medicanna founding partners, Oli is confident in his ability to place Medicanna at the forefront of this competitive industry.

Attending the French Lycee School in London, Oli then went on to study at the European Business School in London, Madrid, and Paris. Following his time at university, he entered the beauty, cosmetics and fragrance industry.

Whilst working in this sector, Oli developed an autoimmune disease that required him to explore alternative treatments and remedies. Keen to discover how the introduction of a natural plant-based remedy could compliment his dietary and lifestyle changes, Oli found that hemp-extracts delivered noticeable results.

Something Oli had also noticed was the huge variation in quality and consistency within existing products. Frustrated by this, he set about creating his own range of hemp-based items placing purity, sustainability, ethics, and the environment, at the heart of the brand.

Oli’s vision for Medicanna involves not only delivering market-leading products but providing much-needed insight, knowledge and research into this rapidly developing sector. Recognising that an informed consumer is a valuable asset, Oli is keen to share his personal experience in order to reach those others who might see their lives similarly transformed by cannabis plant extracts.

Founder | Director


Ruarri’s career has seen him successfully navigate a variety of industry sectors, allowing him to specialise in nurturing relationships with diverse cultures and backgrounds. Ruarri has worked collaboratively with the Medicanna founders for over 20 years, and their drive and vision for establishing an authority in hemp-based products has culminated in the creation of Medicana.

Throughout his adult life, Ruarri has developed an intricate understanding of the cannabis plant and what is required to harness its benefits and maximise its utility. His dedication to sourcing the finest raw materials and processes is what sets Medicanna apart from their rivals

Ruarri recognises the importance of reconnecting with the natural elements, both in mind and body, and his motivation for improving people’s lives is rooted in an unfaltering desire to bring high-quality hemp-based products to the masses. Ruarri is in this for the long run – working closely with farmers, manufacturers, and distributors to guarantee that every individual process and each separate ingredient associated with the Medicanna brand stands up to the strictest scrutiny.

Medicanna director Ruarri smiling at camera in hemp field.
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Medicanna David Greyscale
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Founder | Director


David brings 60 years of experience in the fragrance, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industry with him to Medicanna. Initially a specialist in branding and distribution, he soon diversified into other sectors. The founder of numerous multinational brands, David has operated in more than 65 different countries and understands exactly what is required to launch and establish a premium product.

Inspired by the impact cannabis extracts had on the life of his son and fellow Medicanna founder Oli, David knew there was an opportunity to bring a range of high-quality, ethically sound, hemp-based products to the mass market. Keen to navigate Medicanna into a position of full traceability and ensure consistent levels of purity, he is committed to making Medicanna the best it can be.

David maintains an active lifestyle and believes strongly in the benefits of combining a healthy diet with regular and consistent exercise. A keen tennis player, he has used CBD products to supplement and boost his daily routines.