Hemp plant being held delicately in hands.

Hemp Oil: Health Benefits, Nutrition, Uses and Side Effects

An Introduction to Hemp In its most simple definition, hemp is another word for cannabis. Throughout history, hemp has been utilised…

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CBD Oil for Pain: Research, Side Effects, Dosage & Case Studies

CBD is one of many naturally occurring compounds found within the hemp plant1. These compounds, referred to as cannabinoids, possess ‘therapeutic…

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A CBD Success Story: An Interview with EthicaCBD Founder Olivier Reiner

Olivier Reiner is one of the EthicaCBD co-founders. A leader in his sector, Olivier has spent more than 20 years working in the wellness industry,…

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CBD has potential antibiotic properties

New findings suggest CBD has potential antibiotic properties

A new study carried out by researchers at an Australian university has revealed that cannabis extracts may be able to kill harmful bacterias,…

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